Coffee Club

Want your coffee to give you more than just a morning perk? Enjoy more from your cup of joe by joining the Red Clover Coffee Club. It’s the club everybody wants to be a member of — where the perks begin with a single cup.

Join now to start the rewards flowing. It’s quick, easy, and lets you start saving time and money right from the start. Plus, your coffee club purchase does good for others too. Working to support local, national, and global nonprofits, we donate a portion of every sale to support children, vets, the homeless, and other worthy causes.

How to get into the Club

  1. Explore our online coffee selection to find your favorite subscription coffee choices. Click to purchase.
  2. On the product page, you’ll have to option to “subscribe and save.” The discount on each bag will be displayed so you know just how much you’re saving.
  3. Once you’ve chosen to subscribe, a drop-down menu will appear, asking you to choose the frequency that you’d like to receive your Red Clover coffee.
  4. Finish your selection and add it to your cart.
  5. You can choose to continue shopping or finish your order by clicking “check out.”
  6. Include your shipping and billing information and complete the order.
  7. Your gourmet coffee will continue to ship as long as you are a member of the coffee club.


Explore the tasty goodness of Red Clover Coffee by ordering our award-winning brews now.