2020 Year in Review

1. Donated to A Chance In Life to help feed hungry and underprivileged children in Italy. It seemed important to us, as Italy was having a rough time, and malnourishment can only make matters worse.

2. Donated masks and face shields to a few hospitals. We were lucky enough to know someone who could 3D print some amazing, reusable face shields. This helped supplement many healthcare professionals working in the ICUs at a few hospitals.

3. Donated a lot of coffee to deployed military and first responders in the US (and some abroad). After some math, we found that for every three bags sold, we give one away for free. Not a bad deal for people that love great coffee while performing inherently dangerous jobs.

4. Donated a lot of coffee to healthcare professionals as well. Stay alert helps everyone in the high-stress tempo of ERs and ICUs.

5. Donated our time to help Independence Training teach Stop the Bleed courses. This is one of the leading causes of traumatic death, and we were thrilled to help teach these valuable skills to others. We love the North American Rescue CAT 7 tourniquet.

6. Donated coffee to several charity auctions. This helped raise money for a lot of organizations. Our personal favorite was the Great Pyrenees Club of Western PA.

7. Donated to the Australian wildfires (WIRES) that destroyed the wildlife and habitats for billions of creatures. The t-shirt sale we did worked great to raise awareness and money!

There is more, but this is all I can think of right now. Thousands of dollars went to some great people and organizations. The point of listing this is to show the difference any company/individual can make. It also helps to highlight organizations that you might want to help out.

On the horizon:

1. We are almost sold out of the St. Fisher EBM mugs. Money from these mugs will go to GRM for their mission of providing medicine in low-resource, high-risk areas.

2. We want to donate more to the Hunter 7 Foundation. A separate article about them will be out soon.

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