Why Single Origin?

True coffee lovers know that the only way to enjoy true liquid delight is through single-origin coffee beans. Harvested from one specific area or grower, single-origin coffee gives the drinker a real sense of the quality of the bean while delivering a flavor that is unique to that grower at that specific time of year. The complexities of single-origin beans offer coffee enthusiasts a sensation that can’t be found with pedestrian, grocery-store grounds.

Many factors impact the flavor and nuances of single-origin coffee beans, including weather, harvesting times, drought, and soil quality. The end result may be different with every bag of the same type of coffee, but what comes through is a unique profile that is specific to the region. Only grade-one beans make the cut with Red Clover, allowing you to experiment with some of the world’s best coffees that are true representations of the region.

Drink good coffee and do good with Red Clover Coffee. Every bag of our high-quality single-origin coffee comes with a promise of charitable giving. Discover new must-haves or order more of your favorites now to help us help others.