Boy Scouts of America

Giving Back in Small Ways

Red Clover Coffee is run by a veteran who’s chosen to continue to serve through charitable contributions. Every time you purchase flavorful coffees from Red Clover Coffee, you are supporting donations to numerous causes. In our blog, you can find previous examples of how our humanitarian efforts are helping local communities and beyond. These instances of giving will always remain transparent, so customers will always know they are contributing to giving back whenever they purchase a Red Clover bag of coffee or merchandise.

Most recently, Red Clover Coffee contributed two gift baskets for a charity function held by a Boy Scout troop in Pittsburgh, PA. A former Marine friend of ours is heavily involved in the efforts of the Boy Scouts of America and informed us of this opportunity to help in a small way. The baskets were auctioned off to provide funding for participants in this organization.

The Boy Scouts of America share some of our values here at Red Clover Coffee. Promoting traits like responsibility, leadership, and selflessness fall right in line with the four leaves of our red clover. Our company believes in perseverance, commitment, loyalty, and respect. The scouts provide opportunities for kids to get out in their public and the outdoors to learn traits and crafts that will teach them life skills. In a changing world that has become more geared to staying indoors and using electronics, it’s important to promote the Boy Scouts of American and similar organizations.

While our contribution is small, the impact will be felt. We hope that we can raise awareness of how other businesses at all levels can make a difference in their local communities and the world. You never know, you could be funding education for one of the world’s next great leaders or a medical professional who could eventually save lives. Differences made in the smallest ways can lead to global impact. We encourage others to make changes however they can.

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