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Welcome back to our Red Clover Coffee blog. We are thrilled to announce the first organization we have given back to. As we announced a couple of weeks ago, we began our “helping others” initiative by purchasing school supplies needed by teachers across the United States through
A recurrent problem for many years is the issue of underfunded schools and teachers. We at RCC find education extremely valuable and critical for the future generations to come. If teachers are not receiving the supplies needed to teach their students properly, how much of an impact will that have on a young mind from grasping the required content to grow?
While public school funding continues to become slimmer and slimmer, teacher salaries are not becoming higher either. More school budget cuts bring less teaching positions, less teaching salaries, and less funding for classroom needed supplies. This leads to teachers having to pay for supplies out of their pocket so that they can adequately perform their duties in educating our youth. While it may sound inexpensive when saying “supplies”; everything adds up from simple utensils like pens, papers, and sticky notes to books, 3D models, and tools.
When we first heard about Classroom Giving, we were immediately hooked into making this our first organization to give back to. The story behind how this organization began was too great to pass up our helping hand. Ben Adam’s generosity, morals, and drive to do more than help one teacher, is precisely who we want to work with at Red Clover Coffee. To watch a news segment about Ben Adam’s initial act of helping Ms. Milich, please click here. So, who is Classroom Giving, and how do they help?
While only four months old; Classroom Giving is a very user-friendly website that assists teachers across the United States. The creator Ben Adam describes the website as so: “The site is a wedding-registry meets Secret-Santa. The site points givers to Amazon Wish-lists set up by the teachers. It encourages local giving as the classrooms are listed by state and city.” This makes both sides very simple to set up and very simple to help. After speaking to Mr. Adam, he reported the site today currently has “1,100 listed classrooms in 48 states. Many of them are partially supplied, and 65 of them are fully supplied through the end of Fall 2019 semester.” While many have helped, there is still more work to do. At Red Clover Coffee, we were more than happy to continue Ben Adam’s actions.
We randomly selected teachers from Arizona, Arkansas, Massachusetts, and Oregon. From 1st up to 12th grade. We purchased all of the books needed for Elementary teachers to provide for their classes in Phoenix, AZ, and Russellville, AR. We also purchased books for a Middle School teacher to provide for her class in Lynn, MA. Finally, we bought some much-needed animal anatomy 3D models for a High School teacher in Ontario, OR.
Why do we tell you this information? Because you deserve to know. You can be aware of exactly what your money is going towards. We aren’t here to say we donated $1,500 to an organization and then not let you (or us) have any idea what the money was spent on. We are here to tell you EXACTLY what we did and why it was necessary. Thank you for helping us do our part. This is not possible without you.
How you can help:
If you are interested in, go to their website and click “I am a giver”. From there, you will be directed to the states with teachers requesting supplies. Click on a state, and you will be shown the teachers' names, school, and a link to their amazon wish-list. From there you can make your impact by “helping others”.
Also! Please follow, like, and share on social media. Classroom Giving is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just sharing and getting the name out is a great way to help as well!
Click on images below to be forwarded to their social media pages.
Once again, from us at Red Clover Coffee, we thank you for trusting in us to help others. We are currently in communication with our next organization we plan on helping. Stay tuned and Happy Sunday! 

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