St. Luke Foundation for Haiti

Red Clover Coffee Company was founded on the idea that by serving our coffee, we could serve others. And while coffee, with its endless combinations of profiles and intensities, is arguably one of the most complex flavors on earth, helping those in need is simpler than ever.  As dedicated to making coffee as we are to making the world a better place, remaining grounded is quite literally grounded in our premium blends.

We remain transparent in our humanitarian efforts to ensure that each time you enjoy a cup of our Red Clover Coffee, you know exactly how your money is benefitting others. Throughout the past year, we’ve helped to support a nonprofit rescuing dogs, an Ethiopian project fighting for women’s education and just this past month focused our efforts on a foundation serving communities in Haiti.

The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti is a solutions-driven program dedicated to providing much needed healthcare, education and outreach to a community that has been appallingly neglected for years. From caring for 60,000 local patients each year to offering solutions that stimulate job growth and economic independence, the organization continues to display its unwavering commitment to saving lives, providing education and creating opportunities.

Each January in partnership with St. Luke, neurological physician Mike Mazowiecki travels to Haiti on a medical mission to work alongside other doctors as they care for patients. This year’s mission is more critical than ever as the past year has shrouded the people of Haiti in economic collapse, increased political crisis, and food shortages. In an effort to raise money for the program, The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti hosted its 7th annual All for One Christmas Party at the Saint Vincent Parish Grove in Latrobe on December 14th. Catered by Sun Dawg Café, guests enjoyed entertainment, music and a live auction where various gift baskets were raffled in exchange for generous donations to help support this mission trip.

 At Red Clover Coffee Company, we’re always eager to support the charitable efforts of others so it should come as no surprise that when approached by the St. Luke Foundation, we were thrilled to participate in any way that we could. Curated by our Red Clover elves themselves, we donated two enormous baskets abundant with our gourmet coffee, premium tumblers, and stainless-steel spoons. In addition to our raffle donation, we supplied our famously smooth Kilimanjaro Journey roast for the event. With a taste profile layered of stone fruits, chocolate, and citrus orange, we could think of no better blend than this African roast boasting a bold flavor that mimics the even bolder efforts of the St. Luke team that we were supporting.

Fueled by caffeine and our steady commitment to helping others, we’re privileged to have been given the opportunity to support yet another incredible charity like The St. Luke’s Foundation for Haiti. If you’re interested in learning more about their programs, mission trips or other ways that you can help, check out their site here. On behalf of our team at Red Clover Coffee Company, we want to extend our warmest thank you to the volunteers at St. Luke and to our valued customers, because without you, none of this would be possible. To an upcoming year of cups as full of coffee as our hearts are with love, we wish everyone a happy holiday season and wonderful new year!



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