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Hello to all!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for your business as well as helping spread the word about Red Clover Coffee and our cause. As we have stated, we want to be transparent with everyone. Our efforts to try and make a difference involves all of you. It is only right to let you know our progress as we continue on this journey together.

After making the website live three weeks ago, we have received much-appreciated feedback that has only led us to great ideas. We have been working countless hours towards getting many tasks accomplished. So, what do we have to share?

New labels
New website
More single-origin coffee
A uniquely smooth, tasty, highly caffeinated blend
An upcoming fall seasonal flavor
Labels: We are coming out with new labels that are very sleek and oriented towards the origin of the coffee. Once completed, we will be putting them onto the coffee bags. Be on the lookout for our cool new labels and let us know what you think!

Website: Everyone has loved our website and has been giving us fantastic feedback about how clean and simple it is to navigate. We have teamed up with a website and marketing team to boost the proficiency of the website. People love the current format now, so we have made sure to keep the appearance and navigation the same.

Single-Origin: After receiving tremendous feedback about our Mayan Highland single-origin coffee, we tried to decide which new single-origins to add into production. While going back and forth trying to decide on two...we chose to add them both! Expect to see two more single-origin coffee's added soon.

Caffeine Kick: Everyone loves caffeine. As a premium gourmet coffee company, we have the highest intentions of making every coffee taste great and smooth. We have decided to add a new blend that gives you the amazing, rich, smooth flavor of Red Clover Coffee, with the added kick of caffeine you need. Whether you are working for that promotion at work, hitting the gym for a workout, or studying for that test, our coffee will get you through it.

Seasonal Blend: Fall is coming soon, and everyone loves seasonal flavors. While many are awaiting the notorious pumpkin spice, we decided to kick it up a notch and will be releasing our Pumpkin Pecan gourmet flavored coffee.

Charities: "Helping others, through coffee" is our slogan, our goal, and our commitment. We want you to know exactly how we are making a difference. When we donate money, we want you to know where it goes and how it helps. We recently donated to our first organization, This organization was set up to help teachers across America get much-needed school supplies. We find education extremely important for the upcoming generations and are more than happy to have the opportunity to assist them. We are currently writing a blog about this organization, the teachers we helped, how you can help as well, and why this is an issue in the world today.

Once again, thank you for joining this journey with us. We are very excited about the future of Red Clover Coffee and are continuing to work on making the world a better place.


Red Clover Coffee

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