Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is an amazing way to enjoy your coffee, and it is extremely easy to make. It offers a more potent level of caffeine as well but can be diluted to whatever suits your needs. With a lower acidity level than traditional methods, it can be a nice smooth brew that will last nearly 2 weeks. There are only a few items you need to purchase for the process.

We have a few recipes you can try with our different flavored coffees for a great tasting beverage in the summer!
Add a shot of liquor, of your choice, to begin your night or brunch.


This method will produce a concentrated form of cold brew that you can mix with cream, milk, water, or drink it straight. Experiment with the ratio of coffee to water to find what best suits your needs and tastes.


1. Milk Nut Bag or Cheesecloth (available on Amazon).

2. 40 oz air tight cylindrical container (mason jar, Tupperware, etc.)

3. 1 cup measurement


1. You will need 1 cup of ground coffee. Coarse grind your coffee bean, with a burr grinder, for best results.

2. Fill up air tight cylindrical container with 4 cups of filtered water.

3. Pour 1 cup of grounds into container with water and stir.

4. Place lid onto the container and set in a dark, cool area for 12-20 hours. We brew ours for 16 hours.

5. Use a nut milk bag or a cheesecloth and place into another container.

6. Delicately pour the contents of the coffee container into the nut milk bag/cheesecloth.

7. The coffee grounds will be caught in the bag and the liquid will pour through into the second container.

8. Remove the milk nut bag/cheesecloth and discard the coffee grounds.

9. Mix equal parts coffee and unsweetened almond milk, with ice, for an amazing drink.