We are a premium gourmet coffee company that specializes in roasting small batch single origin, blended and flavored coffee.We also give back to several charities and work hand-in-hand with them on as many projects as we can. We are committed to making the world a better place while also providing amazing coffee to you.

We roast the highest grade Arabica beans in small batches to ensure consistency in flavor, freshness and quality.We are driven by attention to detail and committed to providing you with the best coffee available.Our beans are from estates all over the world and we only roast the finest for our single origin, blends and flavored coffees.

We are committed to providing the best experience possible.If you believe your coffee has been damaged or is unsafe to consume, return it to RCC and receive in-store credit.For other merchandise, mail it back to us within 30 days for in-store credit, refund, or a new item.E-mail us at customerservice@redclovercoffee.com for more help.


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If you need any other help, please e-mail customerservice@redclovercoffee.com and we will be glad to help you out.

There is no exact list to the charities we choose to work with.Being that there are several, we are trying to expand our reach and work with as many as possible.Please e-mail us at customerservice@redclovercoffee.com for inquiries.

Single Origin coffee beans are primarily sourced from the same geographical location, and they are viewed as the purest form of coffee by some individuals.A strong attraction to these beans can be traced, in part, to the uniqueness they provide.Single Origin does not provide the generic flavor that many have accustomed with coffee over the years.The flavor profiles can be ranged on the opposite end of the spectrum and provide a special cup of coffee that highlight different characteristics.Many will change the way you view coffee and give you a new outlook on a beverage that does more than keep you awake.The complexities of Single Origin are far reaching and offer an adventure for the purchaser in trying a new bean from a specific region.While blends are able to cover up the lack of flavor for another bean, Single Origin is forced to stand out on its own.This is a very rewarding experience for the coffee drinker.Make some Red Clover Coffee Single Origin from around the world and try for yourself.

A blend is a combination of 2 or more coffee beans that produce a consistent flavor.These are more established than Single Origins, and can do some things Single Origin cannot.Our African Safari, for example, is a blend of 3 high grade beans from Africa and offers a mind-blowing experience.When blended together they contribute different flavor profiles into one drink to offer a custom experience for our customers.

Whole bean is the preferred method for many who want to have a superior cup of coffee.Here is the science behind it.When coffee is roasted it immediately starts to change in flavor, and this process continues throughout the life of the bean.It is imperative to get the freshest bean by not breaking it down further (grinding) until a cup of coffee is ready to be made.One of the reasons for this is becauseafter the bean is roasted, it begins to emit oils.These oils are released throughout the life of the coffee.When the bean is ground, the oils released are increased at a substantial rate.Grinding also increases the surface area of the bean and which in turn allows it to oxidize further.We recommend whole bean to get the best coffee possible.

Your Red Clover Coffee comes in a resealable bag.Our bags are designed to let carbon dioxide release and keep flavor-stealing oxygen out.Once you have opened your coffee keep it airtight and away from light and moisture. A dark cabinet or cupboard works great!If you did not get the zippered 12 oz. bag, any airtight container will do.This will help maximize the freshness of your gourmet coffee.

Arabica: more expensive, diverse flavor profiles, can grow at higher altitudes, nutrient dense, account for over 65% of bean production worldwide, coffee takes longer to grow.

Robusta: less expensive, bitter, grainy taste, grows at lower altitudes, less nutrient dense, accounts for around 35% of bean production worldwide, coffee grows much quicker.

Red Clover Coffee is committed to only offering the best arabica beans to you.

There are several ways to make your coffee, here are a few. Please visit our HOW TO MAKE COFFEE for a complete step-by-step breakdown.

We use burr grinders versus blade grinders.The main difference? A burr grinder will uniformly crush the bean, while the blade grinder cuts them. Many, if not all, professionals prefer burr grinders to extracting the maximum amount of flavor form their beans. Please see our HOW TO MAKE COFFEE section on selecting different types of grinds for brew method.

Yes, but at the moment we have one type of grind available.This is a medium grind.