Our Story

Our company started when a veteran realized he could serve in a different way if he devoted himself to fresh, quality coffee and giving back to his communities. We have a simple mission: sell fantastic coffee at an unbelievable price and use a percentage of the profit to make the world a better place.

At Red Clover Coffee, we are dedicated to a superior process from start to finish. Driven by attention to the smallest details, we specialize in small-batch coffee and single origin coffee, as well as blended and flavored coffees. Using only the highest-grade Arabica beans from select estates all over the world, our roasts consistently deliver freshness and quality.

Coffee is one of the most complex flavors on earth. Whether it’s our African Safari, Mayan Highlands, or South American Sunrise, each of our exquisite roasts is filled with flavors and tones of the regions they represent. Our gourmet flavored coffees are infused with the taste of luxury spirits and liqueurs.

Along with great-tasting coffee, our other commitment is giving back by donating to several charities. Our humanitarian efforts are completely transparent, which means our customers know exactly where their money is going. Each time we contribute to a charity, we share the experience with you. This makes it easy to see the difference your purchase can make in the lives of others.

Red Clover Cares


At the end of the day, we want Red Clover to be known for our commitment to the community as much as we are our world-class coffees. Standing behind the characteristics our four-leafed clover logo represents, our team is focused on our continued efforts to help those in need. We support local, national, and global nonprofits by donating a portion of our profits. Every bag of our high-quality coffee comes with a promise of caring.



Find out just how far our commitment to quality and caring really goes by shopping our collection of world-class coffees and merchandise now.