Clover Cups - African Safari - Red Clover Coffee

Clover Cups - African Safari

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  • Brewing a quick cup of coffee has never been easier.
  • Simply pop in your Clover Cup to any Keurig for the perfect cup of coffee.
  • These specialty blend coffee cups are filled with a unique blend of grade-one beans.
  • Recyclable cups and 2.0 lids.
  • Compatible with all single-serve coffee machines operating 2.0 lids.

This coffee is the ultimate experience; be a part of it. Try our unique blend, African Safari, roasted in between medium to dark, for an amazingly well-rounded cup. While this particular blend is not of single-origin, three grade-one beans are combined to give this coffee a unique and distinctive taste not found anywhere else. We like this as our everyday coffee for any situation, and we are sure it will put a smile on your face. Whether you are attacking a project or relaxing, we are excited for you to fall in love with this delightful roast.

           TASTE PROFILE: Subtle Wine, Chocolate, Cherry, Exotic Berry Flavors

           ORIGIN: Africa



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