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Clover Cups - Extreme Elevation

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GYM, STUDY, WORK? No problems... the best highly caffeinated coffee in the galaxy is here...
  • Our strongest and most caffeinated coffee can now be made in your Keurig.
  • It contains more caffeine than your typical single-serve cup, giving you an extra boost.
  • Great for late-night study sessions, long commutes, and lengthy work shifts.
  • Recyclable cups and 2.0 lids.
  • Compatible with all single-serve coffee machines operating 2.0 lids.

Extreme Elevation is our strongest and most caffeinated coffee. Made with a unique mix of premium arabica and robusta beans, this specialty coffee blend brings an insane amount of caffeine to you in a single-serve Clover Cup. Raise your coffee standards and productivity to the next level with this bold, yet smooth, blend of premium coffee beans. We have looked and this is the best highly caffeinated coffee in the galaxy!

         TASTE PROFILE: Smooth ENERGY!

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