Clover Cups - Irresistible Blackberry Brandy - Red Clover Coffee

Clover Cups - Irresistible Blackberry Brandy

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  • Simply pop this highly gourmet flavored coffee Clover Cup into your Keurig machine, press brew, lift the lid, and recycle after.
  • The coffee inside of the Clover Cup has a hint of blackberries and subtle brandy.
  • This coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
  • Recyclable cups and 2.0 lids.
  • Compatible with all single-serve coffee machines operating 2.0 lids.

One of our more popular gourmet flavored coffees, Irresistible Blackberry Brandy, can now be conveniently brewed in your single-serve coffee machine! This is a small-batch coffee, bringing out flavors and aromas that are to die for. We made this incredible coffee for you, and the possibilities are endless. You can take the edge off a long day, pair with a dessert, or relax and look for shooting stars. This blackberry brandy flavored coffee is designed with so many options in mind. We love to take a to-go cup to the park and play with our dogs. If you don't have a dessert that night, may we be so bold to recommend enjoying a cup while watching a sunset? There is no alcohol in this coffee, but you can certainly add your own for a playful touch.

       TASTE PROFILE: Blackberries, Subtle Brandy

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