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Clover Cups - Mayan Highlands

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  • Brewing a quick cup of coffee has never been easier.
  • Simply pop in your Clover Cup to any Keurig for the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Clover Cups are filled with grade-one beans.
  • These single-origin coffee beans deliver a well rounded cup every time.
  • Recyclable cups and 2.0 lids.
  • Compatible with all single-serve coffee machines operating 2.0 lids.

Our Mayan Highlands coffee roast uses rare single-origin beans that are highly sought after in the coffee world, and we have secured them just for you. With it being grown at over 5000 feet, this bean is considered Strictly High Grown (SHG) or Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). If you love a good medium roast coffee, you’ll love the unique taste of our Mayan Highlands coffee. The high altitude, volcanic soil, and fantastic climate of Guatemala allow the bean to mature slower, which in turn allows a more nutrient-dense bean to grow. This allows the nutrient-dense properties to provide more flavor and natural organic compounds to transfer to the bean. We are sure you will love this coffee, grown in the Huehuetenango region, as it is sure to please with its smooth but full-flavored profile that will linger with each sip.

         OFFICIAL NAME: Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango (EP)

         TASTE PROFILE: Caramel, Lemon, Milk Chocolate, Apples

         ORIGIN: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

         ELEVATION: 1624 to 1830 meters

         VARIETALS: Bourbon, Caturra

        MILLING PROCESS: Fully Washed

         DRYING PROCESS: Mechanical

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